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Dermalogica at the Beautyroom


Beautyroom is very excited to announce that we are now official stockists of Dermalogica skincare.


As well as stocking the full retail range of Dermalogica products, we’re also offering professional Dermalogica skin treatments.


Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide.

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Award-winning products free of ingredients known to cause skin sensitization.


No matter the skin concern, Dermalogica offers a full range of product segments to optimize your skin's health.


As well as stocking the retail line of Dermalogica products we’re also offering professional Dermalogica skin treatments. These skin treatments are fully customisable facials - that can be tailored to your skins needs.


Being one of the worlds’ leading skincare brands you can be confident that there’s a product to suit your skin and get the best results.


Dermalogica’s Smart system contains advanced ingredients that are proven to impact the biochemical reactions that contribute to skin health.


For even the most sensitive/sensitized skin, Dermalogica's UltraCalming system treats the multiple triggers behind inflammation for lasting relief.


PowerBright TRx works to banish brown spots (hyperpigmentation), discoloration, and uneven skin tone to leave your skin brighter.


For adult acne, our MediBac Clearing system works to treat, clear, and prevent acne breakouts.

Designed to address teen and young adult acne, our Clear Start line offers 8 products that deliver real results.


You can always be sure that the ingredients used will work – our confidence is founded by skin care professionals worldwide who use Dermologica products in their treatment rooms every day - because they get results.


Products in the range at the Beautyroom include…


AGE smart®, MediBac Clearing®, UltraCalming™, PowerBright TRx, Clear Start, Daily Microfoliant®, Precleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, Active Moist, Skin Perfect Primer SPF30, Skin Smoothing Cream, MultiVitamin Power Firm, Clearing Skin Wash, Conditioning Body Wash, Essential Cleansing Solution, Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50, Super Rich Repair, Multi-Active Toner, Intensive Moisture Balance.


What are you waiting for…


For a lifetime of skin health and to learn more about how Dermalogica can help your redefine your skins health.


Get in touch with us today and we'll talk through what we can offer you - 0116 230 1903, or use the form below to email us and we'll cal you back as soon as we can;

Male Grooming Products


We also have a range of products for men.


Ideal as presents. 

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